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OTAM is a maritime services company, with more than 35 years of experience, specialized in Maritime Inspections and Certifications, Consultancy, Nautical Expertise, investigation and Assistance in Claims, all in the Naval and Maritime field.

We provide the best technical support and professional advice in the areas of interest, with the aim of promoting and achieving the results and technical guarantees, for the needs of both Shipowners, Insurance Companies, Intermediary Companies, Brokers and Operators of related vessels.

We offer a wide range of inspection services, based on our knowledge and experience, with high standards, professional ethics and confidentiality, for which we have achieved credentials that endorse us internationally.

Our History

OTAM was founded in 1987, in Venezuela, with the vision of attending the diverse needs in the Naval and Maritime field, developing ourselves in the field of maritime consultancy and advisory, covering mainly three areas of services: Naval Engineering, Inspections and Brokerage.

In a first stage, for almost 20 years, in the Maracaibo headquarters, we assisted Petróleos de Venezuela and its main contractors in oil production, in the area of naval engineering services.

In 1998, as part of our business development, we started activities in the Caribbean, Central and South America, constituting OTAM Panama Inc. with which we internationalized our offer of maritime services, in the sector of Naval Consultancy and Maritime Assistance, projecting ourselves mainly in the area of Naval Inspections, activity that we potentially develop at the present time.


Our team is formed by Inspectors, Technicians, Surveyors and Engineers, highly specialized, accredited and with vast experience in the different Naval and Maritime disciplines, to carry out Inspections and Damage Investigations, of any degree of complexity.

Inspections are of vital importance to ensure the safety

and security of vessels, their crew members and to maintain the integrity of the seas. They should be carried out regularly to assess the condition of vessels in terms of: structures, equipment, management, quality, safety, security, risks, among others.


Inspections are of vital importance to ensure the safety and security of vessels, their crew members and to maintain the integrity of the seas. They should be carried out regularly to assess the condition of vessels in terms of: structures, equipment, management, quality, safety, security, risks, among others.


Our inspectors will go to the vessel with all the necessary equipment to perform the equipment audit depending on the type of inspection to be performed and the general conditions of the vessel.

Inspections and claims are evaluated according to the magnitude and degree of complexity of the case, according to the scope and requirements of the client, in order to provide an optimal and satisfactory response time for all parties involved.  We issue a very detailed and concise report of the inspection performed, its photographic memory and all the pertinent documentation to the case, both in English and Spanish.


We apply shipbuilding norms and standards, rules of Classification Societies and related Bulletins, SOLAS, IMO, Torre Molinos, TA-2005, among others, in addition to the requirements of the flag of the country where the vessel operates, together with international maritime standards, allowing shipowners, operators and charterers to reduce risks by verifying that vessels are fit for the  purpose they are used for, maintaining a set of criteria for maritime safety.

Our participation in General Condition Inspections (TA 2005), Protection and Indemnity Inspections (P&I) and Hull and Machinery Inspections (H&M), consists of taking the ship from scratch and bringing it to the level of compliance with these assessments, in a coordinated manner between the shipowner and the insurer, including the full range and sequence of activities, for which a constant follow-up of the recommendations issued is established, until 100% compliance is ensured.

For Condition and Appraisal (C&A) surveys we have an extensive database of large and small fleets we have worked with and provided services to, which is also consulted when issuing the vessel's value.

In casualty and claims inspections, our dynamic is to be part of the initial assessment of the extent of the accident, initial estimation of costs and repair time through to the interpretation of the policy coverage and the consequent loss adjustment that applies as the case may be, up to the conclusion and closure of the claim.

Successful claims outcomes revolve around a combination of factors, including thinking clearly, writing clearly, communicating clearly with policyholders about insurers' expectations, and ensuring that adjusters produce consistent and complete reports.

We will recommend the most efficient approach, be it a conventional breakdown adjustment, an abbreviated adjustment or an adjustment in the form of a simple letter. In cases where all lines are fully claimable against the insurers, we will draft a summary of the claim with all its supports.

How should you prepare
for an inspection?

For the inspection to be successful, effective and functional for the company, the following steps are key:

  •   Agree on the date of the on-board inspection.

  •  Have at hand the ship's current statutory         documentation and certificates as required by IMO to expedite the surveyor's work.

  • Ensure that the Master and officers are prepared,    organise the equipment subject to inspection and accompany the inspector at all times. The crew is assessed according to competencies and appropriate training in the positions they hold and familiarity with the company's safety policy.


With more than 35 years of experience in the marine insurance market, we have worked with international insurance and reinsurance companies, mutual P&I clubs, industrial groups, shipowners, shipping companies, shipping companies, fishing companies, charterers and related companies in South America, Central America and the Caribbean, Europe and the USA.

Among which we can mention:

      • Guy Carpenter & Co

      • British Marine Management. (UK)

      • BMT (Salvage Association)

      • GL Noble Denton

      • Hydor

      • Royal & SunAlliance

      • Sunderland Marine

      • Swiss Re

      • The South England Management AG


Torre Global, Calle 50, Piso 31, Oficina 02, Republic of Panama, Panama City.

Email: otamca@gmail.com

Tel: (+58) 414 329 6377 / (+507) 65601675

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